WTFJeans are the Latest in Wearable iPhone Accessories

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Just when you thought that there were enough extra gizmos and doodads for the iPhone and iPod Touch, one European company has released the ultimate in wearable gadget accessories. Say hello… or WTF… to WTFJeans.

The jeans, which are being produced in limited supply of 1000 pairs, are specially designed to hold and protect your portable gadgets, particularly Apple’s popular touchables — special pockets are designed to hold the toys snugly and feature microfiber lining to protect the devices from scratches and clean them when they’re taken out.

Don’t have either one? WTFJeans may still be right for you, whether you’re a guy or a girl, as they protect (or show off) your own personal touchables. iPhones and iPods aren’t the only things protected, as the mens’ version features extra padding to protect the family jewels; the womens’ version features Sexyass™ (that’s right, it’s trademarked), so that “the pockets … are positioned in such a way to make your ass stand out in a crowd whether you’re slim or big.” Meaning that the guys aren’t going to be poking your iPod. “Never been groped? There’s always a first time.”

Not enough for you? There’s even a pocket specifically designed to hold a stick. A USB stick, that is. They haven’t taken it that far.

A first “beta” group of 100 pairs has already sold out (they sold at €59, or about $80, each), and the next of 400 are available at €79 ($108) through August 1st. After that, the final 500 will be available for purchase at €109 ($149).

Interested in paying more for your iPhone’s (or rear end’s) carrying case than you paid for the plaything itself? Head on over to and order a pair. (And hopefully they do cost more than your rear. That would just be… weird.)

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