Whats That Smell? Oh, Its Just My Phone!

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Chat Perf is a hilarious new product from our friends over in Japan. Ever the romantics and connoisseurs of the ultra cute, Chat Perf is a dongle like accessory that connects to your iPhone and with an accompanying app you can send little puffs of scents to your friends who also have the accessory.

So, if you’d like your life to smell like a kitten café or a teenager’s bedroom (or if you don’t want your friends to like you anymore) this product might be for you.

Chat Perf is brought to us by Japanese perfume company Chaku Perfume. The website, which is a confusing labyrinth of an extreme lack of information and ridiculous marketing, states that Chat Perf is “the science of perfume, to create a new economic opportunity from Japan.”

On the front of the site, a slideshow shows a number of stock images, like a girl in bed with a phone (not an iPhone) with a tag line that reads, “For girls” – or another picture of a guy eating a bowl of fruit looking at his phone (again, not an iPhone) that reads, “For lovers.” You get the hint. But my favorite part of the site is that you can’t click on any of the links except for the one inviting developers to create their own app. By the way, when you get to the developer page, Chat Perf mentions that they will gladly send you an SDK (software developer kit) for your own “bland-new business.”

Perhaps Chat Perf isn’t bland – maybe its amazing, but the whole idea of breaking the 4th dimension with my telewireless device makes me sort of nauseous. I’m hoping that this doesn’t catch on in the US, because there is absolutely nothing worse than sitting next to someone doused in terrible perfume – imagine it coming out of their phone. Yuck.

Chat Perf will run you roughly 60 dollars and comes in a number of scents and you can “perf” your friends or you can “perf” yourself. And who knows – maybe once day there’ll be an option to “perf off.”

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