VIVAX: Finally a Laptop Case You Can Hit With a Hammer or Run Over With Your Car

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That’s right, VIVAX , the military grade transport case of every potential spy’s dreams has been created to form the most innovative laptop case on the market, and that means it’s crushproof, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and mudproof.

We’ve all been there before: reenacting James Bond and the opening chase scene in Casino Royale you ran after your friend, forced them into submission high up on the office building roof, and in your struggle to attain the precious data stored on his laptop the backpack straps slip and the bag falls into a massive pile of landscaping dirt — No? Just me?

And even after the computer survived the fall, the shock, and the rain, the dust and topsoil pilfered its life by ruining the motherboard; the fabled spy data was lost. Playing pretend your buddy had to be reimbursed for losing his work laptop in your little game . . . at least until now!

If the Kickstarter for the VIVAX laptop case is funded, we can all avoid the tragedy that occurs as we transport our precious MacBook Pro’s from one spot to another. The external shell of the case is a military-based external polymer used in crash helmets (like hockey helmets), and it’s waterproof seal is made from the same polymer used to create formula1 racing tires. Inside the VIVAX, the interior is lined with a shockproof techno-polymer, Poron XRD, which absorbs over ninety percent of kinetic energy thrown at her by morphing from soft and cushy at rest, to stiff and energy absorbing on impact.

Mashable even ran it over with a car, and the laptop still works!

For 59 Euros (or just over $72 Dollars, US), you can hope to get one VIVAX case, with a shoulder strap, with your choice of colors, and with free shipping from Italy. If you’re the kind of person who constantly finds a way to break or drown all of your expensive electronics, I’d say it’s a small price to pay. And with an expected retail price of $199, this is quite a deal for the ultimate in laptop protection.

I’ll take mine in military Top Secret orange please.

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  1. Road Warrior

    They need to get that Poron XRD stuff in motorcycle helmets so I don’t have to look like I’m wearing a mushroom on my head. Get a slimmer DOT helmet to market, sit back, collect cash.


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