Visiball Golf Ball Finder Glasses

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golfball-finder-glasses.jpgLet’s face it, a golfer’s worst nightmare is the annoying hunt for golf balls when they slice one out into the trees and their buddies are sitting pretty waiting for them on the fairway, but it may not be impossible to find those lost balls any longer. The Visiball “Golf Ball Finder” Glasses are a golfer’s dream tool. There have been plenty of technological devices do the trick, but none are as cost-efficient as these. While I am not exactly a great golfer, I do enjoy playing on the weekends and I must say that I do shank the balls every now and then and it is quite frustrating when looking for your balls in a DEEP rough…AKA the woods.


At around $40.00, you really cannot go wrong with these glasses, they do just what they say they do. When you put on the glasses, you will notice that there is a bit of a change in the way your surroundings look, so they might take a little while to get used to. The technology developed by two nuclear engineers in Canada allows the glasses to highlight the golf ball by filtering out the darker surrounding colors. Once the glow comes into the picture, you can grab your ball and be on your way to the next hole. Set aside from the fact that these glasses are very handy for a golfer, they are also very stylish. All in all, Visiball has done a great job with their next-generation product.

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