USB Greenhouse

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We’re not saying that you’ve been watching too many episodes of Weeds lately, or trying to suggest that you may have some questionable harvesting ideas, but this just may be something worth checking out — the USB Greenhouse makes for a clever in-home (or office) grow option. The egg-shaped greenhouse (a mini-titan at 17.2 x 22.6 x 17cm) pulls power via your USB port to artificially illuminate your little seedlings whenever your computer is on (so, always).

The USB Greenhouse kit comes with a starter pack of marigold seeds and artificial soil if you’re not quite sure how to get started, but feel free to go off the map and get inventive with your planting. The system also includes software (again, sorry Mac, it’s all PC) to monitor your plant’s growth and remind you when it’s time to water the crops, which ought to save a lot of the guesswork of “when did I water that last?”. For $43, it’s a steal of an opportunity to give your green thumb a chance at life again.

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