No More Dirty, Grimy, Sticky Keyboards – Thank You Unotron Washable Keyboard

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If you do as much work at your computer as I do, you know just how dirty and grimy your keyboard can get. We all know that you can grab yourself a can of air and blast the dust and dirt away, but that just doesn’t make it “clean.” With the Washable Keyboard from Unotron all you have to do is unplug your board, walk over to the sink, give it a good scrubbing with some soap, and dry it off… it’s just that simple. No more dingy keys, just a clean keyboard that is free of germs and bacteria.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the Unotron Washable keyboard and mouse set and I was pleasantly surprised. I used the product for a couple of weeks in an effort to get it good and dirty, unplugged it and moved to the kitchen. I must say that I was a little hesitant to run it under the water at first as common sense kept telling me you’re not supposed to run your keyboard under the water. After clearing my mind of the doubt I plunged the keyboard into the sink, gave it a good scrubbing and took some pictures for you guys in the process.


The keyboard was super easy to clean and after I toweled it off and shook out the excess water it was good to go. It should also be noted that the mouse had a cool feature that allowed me to remove the wheel and clean the places that one normally just can’t get to on a standard mouse.

The Spill Seal technology is recommended for use in places like hospitals, schools, and workplaces where keyboards can have multiple users but, there is nothing wrong with just wanting to have a clean workspace at home. The Washable keyboard would also make a great gift for any college bound student as I can attest to the fact that you just never know when it comes to college. I have seen the occasional drunken stupor lead to the shorting out of a computer on more than one occasion. The Spill Seal technology will save that expensive graduation present but it should be noted that it is not substitute for a good old AA meeting.

This is one of the best additions to an every day use product I have seen in a long time. The people over at Unotron have taken the computer keyboard to new heights by adding this Spill Seal technology. The whole idea is so simple it’s a real wonder why every single keyboard isn’t manufactured this way.

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