Turn Your Dreams Into A Work of Art With The Ibis Sleep Art App

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Ever wish you could record your dreams? Well, that reality might be here with the Ibis Sleep Art application. Didn’t know that you were a regular Jackson Pollack whilst you sleep? Well, you actually are.


The Ibis Sleep Art app was developed by the Ibis hotel brand – owned by the French conglomerate Accor – which has over 1000 hotels around the world.  The app was created in celebration of National Bed Month, which is really a thing and some hotels take it very seriously.

This unique application captures your sounds and movements, and records them via digital brush stroke to present to you in the morning (or whenever you wake up) a beautiful work of art created by your tossing and turning. All you have to do is set the alarm on the app, place your phone down on the bed and let the phone do all the magic. The app will even give you a minute-by-minute view to see the progress of the painting.

The application is an evolution of an experiment by the hotel group who commissioned French technology production company Acne to create a Sleep Art robot. The robot, which was installed in a variety of Ibis hotels in Paris, Berlin and London, was controlled by some 80 sensors attached to a specifically designed bed and was activated by the person sleeping in it. Instead of a digital representation, the robot created an actual painting, on canvas, using acrylic paints.

While this is most certainly a gimmick to get people to come stay at Ibis’ hotels, it’s a fun app nonetheless. You can download it for free on the iTunes App store. It is only compatible with the newest version of the iPhone on the iOS 5 and 6 operating systems, and iPad.

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