Today Only: 25% Off Hurricane 2 Canless Air System

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There has never been such a need to get excited over a can-less air electronics cleaner like today as ThinkGeek has 25% off and free shipping on the Hurricane 2!


TODAY ONLY, folks.

It has long been the Holy Grail to find a can-less air sprayer that had the power and effectiveness of Dust-Off.

The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is a portable, rechargeable miniature air compressor.

And it is made for one purpose: eradicating dust collecting in the myriad keys, audio receiver vents, and computer monitors.

For all of the green conscious citizens who do their damndest to be eco-friendly amidst walls of electronics and gadgets, say goodbye to the nasty chemical aerosol can “Dust Off-like” cleaners forever.


For less than the cost of seven or so cans of Dust-Off, you can throw in the ThinkGeek promo code of USGETIT and make this eighty-dollar Hurricane 2 become sixty bucks with free shipping.

If you need a last minute Hanukah, Christmas, Festivus, or New Year’s gift for that special techie you know, here is a miracle of modern electronics and battery technology.

Shoot a blast of air at over 200 mph at any angle and maintain it for over 15 minutes!

The battery charge will last a month, and if you have ever used the Dust-Off cans for your family room dusting you know that after a minute of use the awful thing freezes up and requires extensive shaking and time to work again.

It is time to bring a Hurricane to your stack of running vintage gaming systems.

Hell if your fire needs help, use the Hurricane 2 to set the blaze straight as you watch the Yule log glow!

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