Tick Tock, Here’s the Gorgeous Manifold Clock

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Figuring out the time has come a long way since the days of waiting for the clouds to part to read a sundial. It seems that a new Kickstarter project might have taken inspiration from that age-old device as a gorgeous new way to tell the time.

Meet the Manifold Clock. Created by a team in Tel Aviv, Israel, this gadget aims to encapsulate the ever-changing concept of time.

The silent hands, powered by a single AA battery, are connected to a clock by a piece of Tyvek fabric. As they tick, they cause the fabric to twist and bend in space, changing the clock’s appearance every 60 seconds and turning the concept of time into a three-dimensional reality.

Based on a combination of modern design, simple mechanics and the principle of the Riemann surface, the clock is a fascinating spin on the traditional timepiece. It’s all about perspective, and how we visualize time and space as it changes.

The clock took almost a year to bring from concept to reality. The team decided to post the project on Kickstarter to help fund the expensive injection mold, meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity and set up the production line.

At the time of writing, the project is $5,300 away from being funded and becoming a reality sooner rather than later. By pledging $45, you can pre-order a Manifold Clock, which will retail at a suggested price of $69, if the project reaches its funding goal. There’s also a 30″ diameter version available if you pledge $100.

Nothing is static. The Manifold Clock embodies that in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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