This Home Theater System Might Cost More Than Your Home

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Just sit back and relax – you’ve just spend $500 to see the newest Hugh Jackman movie. Recently unveiled, Prima Cinema is the new home theater for the ultra-antsy and ultra-rich.


With Prima Cinema you never have to wait in line, never have to worry about that dreadful flickering “sold out” sign, and no more sitting next to crying babies and loud teenagers the next time you want to see a new blockbuster. And what might that comfort and convenience be worth? About $65,000 to get the ball rolling — not including the furnishings!

When you consider the $30k price-tag, $25k per year for a subscription, and the $500 per movie whack, Prima Cinema is going to set you back more than the average U.S. household’s total income. And after all of that, the California based company only allows users of the 1080p service to watch each film while its being made available in movie theaters — score one for the Netflix queue.

However, as major studio profits are dipping, I could see how Prima Cinema could get rich or die trying in Hollywood’s last ditch effort to dig itself, well, out of a ditch. When you think about it, what’s a measly $30 grand for the device and then another $25k per year, figuring your a serious movie buff averaging 50 new releases per year?


The funny things that astound us regular folk are actually quite common for those with seemingly unlimited streams of cash, like Steven Spielberg who built himself his own art deco movie theater, in his own house, replete with a full lobby.

The Prima Cinema system does boast excellent sound and image quality – with high definition, 3D capabilities, and Dolby TrueHD or PCM surround sound. The movies are delivered via the Internet (not by a guy with a reel in a suitcase handcuffed to his arm) and stored on RAID-5 encrypted movie vault, complete with biometric finger swipe scanner and 50-movie capacity. If you have money to burn, head over to the Prima website and sign up today.

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