This German Millionaire Guy Made a Separation Slingshot Gun That Shoots Oreos

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Meet Joerg Sprave – coming soon to a reality TV show near you – a multimillionaire German CEO who likes weaponizing and lethalizing everything he can get his hands on, even office supplies and paper planes. Sprave features his virtually deadly creations on his YouTube station called “The Slingshot Channel.” Watch him construct car-sized slingshots of mass destruction, gatling slingshot crossbows and, his newest creation, an Oreo Separation Pump Gun that was designed to annihilate your favorite chocolate, creamy afternoon snack.


Imagine taking over a country… with Oreos? Nabisco wouldn’t be proud. With this 14 shot, high-powered manual, pump action sling gun, Sprave say’s, “It’s a basic human desire to destroy an OREO cookie.” Sprave’s Oreo shooter, which is made out of a lightweight plywood of sorts, is half Mad Max and half John Malkovich’s gun in the 1991 feature film “In The Line of Fire.”

The weapon has what looks like two barrels, but the top part is actually a magazine built to hold the delicious ammo, which sits on top of barrel where the Oreos shoot out of. The magazine can hold up to 14 Oreos and it is specially designed so that they don’t fall out when you tilt the slingshot. The crossbow also has a slide that can be pulled back, much the same way you would with a traditional slingshot, that is connected to a dispenser button, which drops the Oreos from the muzzle to the barrel. You have to see it for yourself…

It seems as though Sprave’s first mission was to find some maniacal way to split the Oreos in half with out having to take the age-old orthodox way of simply twisting it with your fingers, but his crossbow is so powerful that the cookies are destroyed upon impact. At first he unloads a few shots into the Amazon box from which the Oreo came and actually succeeds in blowing a hole clean through it. His next target is a brick wall on his own house, where the Oreo is obliterated.

At first the weapon seems harmless and almost comical in Sprave’s giant arms – not to mention his lovable German gingerbread house accent – but you soon realize based on the sheer power of the Oreo bazooka that we’re actually dealing with someone who is quite possibly clinically insane — in a good way. Checkout the Slingshot Channel for more maniacal rubber band madness.

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