Thermo: the World’s First Correctly Insulated Tent

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This is the world’s first correctly insulated tent by Thermo.


What exactly does ‘correctly insulated’ mean here, Thermo Tent?

Well, the groundbreaking new mobile tent promises the most comfortable outdoor sleeping experience ever with a dynamic insulation barrier for both thermal and acoustic considerations alike.

From the emerald foothills to the brown cliffs along the Atlantic, in Ireland, Thermo Tent was born from a need for the traditional hiking tent to not roast alive it inhabitants while hot and sunny out or swiftly freeze them into the icy tent floor when it is on the weather’s colder side.


Thermo Tents says they have essentially married brand new and innovative insulation technology with [a] new multi layer tent design, and . . . have managed to overcome issues like bulk and condensation risk.

But there are more problems fixed by a fairly luxurious tent setup – such as built-in porches and the ability to add connecting domes for separate living rooms or more sleeping quarters – than insulation for humidity and temperature.

Finally, the Thermo Tent is built to withstand SOUND!

If you have ever gathered your mates and packed a caravan of vehicles to travel to a distant but magical music or art festival only to be thwarted by any chance of sleeping for the entire weekend due to your drunken pals’ abundant joy seeping or exploding from their lips throughout all times of day or night . . . then get the Thermo Tent.

Normally tents have that, listen to the wind howl, like a banshee as though it was the loudest thing on earth until your buddies meet their buddies in earth rattling screams of ecstatic joy and though twenty yards away the sound reverberates in the tent as though they were lying right next to you.


The Thermo Tent cuts out sound, being specifically built for acoustic control, and that is every bit as vital as its fire retardant materials, its spacious rooms, sturdy materials, and tall roofs exceeding all design standards.

The company hopes their Thermo Tents can protect people in disaster relief situations where housing is needed and by insulating these well, there is less heat transfer and no need for tent air conditioners or heaters, which makes Thermo a green, eco friendly device.

Here are the tent specifications and materials:

  • Flysheets – Poly-cotton (65%35%) / Polyester with Ripstop, 7,000 mm HH.
  • Groundsheet (Sewn In) – 210D strong Oxford, 10,000 mm HH.
  • Poles – HT Steel, 12mm and Fibreglass for inner tent.
  • Inner Tent – 2 layers of extra breathable Poly-cotton come together to sandwich our special TTinsulate breathable insulation which boasts very low thermal conductivity and a high density.
  • Fire Retardant – All of our materials are FR, and exceed ISO EN 5912 (2011) standards.
  • Pegs – Our plastic pegs are the most durable in the marketplace and they won’t turn in windy conditions as some other products do.
  • Night visibility – Our pegs and guy lines are reflective and so easy to see, even in darker conditions.
  • Mesh – B3 standard (Top possible quality)
  • Thermo Tent 6 dimensions:
  • L=7000mm (23ft) including porch , W=4000mm (13ft), H=2200mm (7.2ft)
  • Inner Tent for TT6: L=2300mm (7.6ft), W=3800mm (12.5ft), H=2100mm (7ft)
  • Thermo Tent Inner (stand alone) dimensions:
  • L=2200mm (7.4ft), W=3600mm (12ft), H=1900mm (6.2ft)
  • Thermo Tent Modular dimensions:
  • Dome, W=4000mm (13ft), H=2400mm (7.9ft)
  • Thermo Tent 3 Insulated Tent (Also Attaches to Modular)
  • Sleeping area, L=2400mm (7.9ft), W=1800mm (6ft), H=1500mm (5ft)
  • Porch, L=500mm (1.8ft), W=1800mm (6ft), H=1500mm (5ft)

The world-renowned explorer Pat Falvey publicly endorses Thermo Tent, and its most affordable option is a three-person tent for a $523.80 contribution to the Kickstarter campaign.

The six person Thermo Tent is also a great upgrade at $696, so get camping already!

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