The Robot Splitter Offers a New Twist on an Old Concept

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A few days before Christmas, I found myself scrambling to find a last-minute stocking stuffer for my wife.  Looking for something geeky, inexpensive, and practical I stumbled across the Robot Headphone Splitter on Amazon and fell in love with it instantly.  By marrying (adorable) form with simple function, the Robot Splitter allows two people to plug their headphones into the same port- so long as they don’t mind decapitating a loveable little android and jamming their respective headphone plugs into its eye sockets.

The 3.5mm jack splitter connector is a concept almost as old as the original Sony Walkman, but the rise in smartphone entertainment and portable gaming has generated a huge amount of interest in this time-honored solution for how to share audio with a friend. Measuring 1 ¾” high by 1 ½ across, the Robot Splitter is a small, lightweight and attractive little gizmo that looks as good as it performs.  After running a few tests on an iPod Nano, iPhone, PSP Go, and a Nintendo 3DS there was no detectable loss in audio fidelity or clarity.

Inexpensive and aesthetically lacking 3.5mm jack splitters are easily found on most bargain sites for under a dollar, but consumers that care enough to buy graphic skins or custom cases for their mobile devices will see no problem with the $10.00 pricetag of this little wonder.  Unfortunately most smartphones don’t offer a place to clip the keychain portion of the Robot Splitter, which is a shame since it would make a pretty cute phone charm.

If you’re looking to pick one up, the Robot Splitter might be a hard sell as a Valentine’s Day gift but it would look adorable dangling from a bouquet of a dozen roses.  As an added bonus, it will offer you and your sweetie the chance to listen to music and movies together as you fly off to your romantic Valentine’s vacation together.

Who said robots don’t understand love?

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