The Clicker Remote: Open a Brew and Change the View

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Here’s the scenario: You’re watching season finale of your favorite TV show or the biggest game of the season, a commercial interrupts and you’re thirsty. You run to the kitchen to grab a malt-based bottle of liquid refreshment and you hear that your program has come back on, so you rush back to the couch. Only then do you realize that your bottle is still capped. You fish in your pocket for your keys and find that you’ve nothing on your keychain. You look around in vain for an opener, and you can’t pop the cap on the new coffee table because the significant other hammered into your head the inappropriateness of such an action when you handed over your credit card. Time is running out, your beer is getting warm, and no commercial is in sight. What are you to do?

If you’re the smart couch potato, you stop sweating and simply pick up your Clicker Universal Remote.

The Clicker is a sleek and attractive universal remote with a bottle opener integrated into its side. Control for up to eight electronic components is available: There are component select buttons for TV, DVD, SAT, CABLE, VCR, CD, DVR, and AMP with 630 presets for most major brands and a preset search function for easy setup.

And then, of course, there is control of a ninth component: Your bottle cap. The one integrated opener is preset to handle thousands of major and minor brands, and there’s no need to utilize a function search here — the only search necessary is for the remote itself.

Evidently the company is currently out of stock and on back order, but you can leave your contact information to be notified when the stock is replenished. Cost should be around $25.

Your beer gut will thank you heartily.

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