AquaSkipper – Water Ready, Human Powered

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We thought long and hard about what to bring you with our 500th product — something everyday-useful? Something that’ll revolutionize your computing style? Something shiny with lots of buttons and flashing lights and sound effects? Nah, let’s keep it fun… the sort of fun that promises to let you fly over water in multiple, thrusting bounds (nevermind that it’s nearly winter, let’s think long people!).

Ok, so it’s not exactly flying on water, but a whole lot like bunny-hopping along the surface on the wacky contraption known as the AquaSkipper. When you need to get from one side of a lake to the other, take the fastest route and hop straight across on this human-powered hydrofoil. Bouncing on the spring-mounted platform moves the angle of the back hydrofoil up and down in the water to generate lift and speed (90% of your power is going to come from this hopping motion), while a handle up front manages the second foil and keeps you pointed in the right direction.

The video of the AquaSkipper in action is pretty out of hand, made doubly great for any of you Seal fans out there by a CRAZY soundtrack.

The Skipper’s designers assure that anyone can get the hang of the movement within half an hour, but you may need to give yourself a bit more time if the hand-eye coordination’s a bit rusty. Once you’ve hit the foiling groove, you’re ready to break some waves at 17mph.

Made of aircraft aluminum and fiberglass, this lightweight skipper (only 26 lbs.) is available from JumpUSA for $499.

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