Swim With the Sexy Pink Withings Activité Pop Activity Tracker

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This Hands On Review is ecstatic to note the huge advantage we found for a fitness and health wearable: you can actually swim with the sexy pink Withings Activité Pop activity tracker.

Withings Activite POP watch hands on review

And it’s a sharp looking analog watch!

I mean the silicone body and band comes in black and blue (BORING), but also Blue Azure, Shark Grey, Wild Sand, and now for a limited time Coral Pink, which had my wife tickled . . . uh . . . pink (sorry, I could not resist).



The light and simple design is elegant and comfortable and the size of the face, 36.3 mm, is a great diameter, being neither too small nor too large for an adult male or female wrist.

The bands also can be swapped out for swankier leather versions as well.

But come on; tell me this watch does not look resplendent in its own right.


But back to the swimming part, which is something the Fitbit is not waterproofed to do, folks, but the Limited Edition Coral Pink Withings Activité Pop is, and it tracks laps.

I’ll say that again: the Withings watch tracks swimming laps.

How many countless times has it been that you worked and thrashed about in the water to near exhaustion and just when you thought your work was done, you could not remember if you had done all of the laps you shot for?

Personally, this happens to me about twice a week (and I swim a dilapidated breast stroke about twice a week).

But that was B.W., or Before Withings.

Because the Withings Activité Pop is good for swimming down to 30-meter depths, and automatically recognizes and tracks swimming and running activities or when worn at night, will seamlessly transition to monitor sleep.

For the athlete training for a decathlon, or the Cross Fit fanatics out there, who will quickly switch from swimming to running to a collapsing stage to a sleeping stage, the Withings watch will detect each change and beam that info wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Android or Apple smartphone.


Whatever your goals are, whether it’s a thousand steps walking, or two-dozen laps in the local L.A. Fitness pool the user is visiting, the Withings Activité Pop will note the progress on its smaller dial next to the watch.

This little sun dial-like device has marks from 10 percent to 100, even if that goal is just achieving twelve coveted hours of (oh so sweet) sleep.

There is even a courtesy vibration when a goal is completed.

The Withings Activité Pop runs off of the Withings Health Mate application, which snagged an award as one of Apple’s Best Apps of 2014.

Is the setup difficult?

Well, no. The Withings watch automatically syncs to the App and all of your data is fleshed out near instantaneously.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.28.28 PM

The App includes an interactive leader board, “data insights,” smart reminders and achievement badges for those two-dozen ugly laps in the pool.

You can even link the App to other health Apps and monitor calories, add GPS functionality, and other useful demographics.

There is not even a need to charge it; the Withings contains eight months of steady power with a watch battery, of all things.

And each time the clock goes back, or you travel outside of your native time zone to catch a gnarly swell, surfing around the world in an endless summer a la Point Break, the watch automatically adjusts the time for you.

This watch does not have heart monitoring or blood sugar measuring or any of the hardcore medical notations that some other health and activity trackers boast of, but if you are not a doctor do you really need all of that stuff?

The Withings Activité Pop gives you the time, swimming ability, and an array of fitness tracking features, all for just shy of $150.

Get the Limited Edition Coral Pink Withings Activité Pop exclusively from Best Buy.

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  1. Great watch that I have been enjoying since January! But…swiiming laps? It doesn’t…it tracks your burned calories and swmming time, but not laps…yet…


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