Steelie Mount for iPhone & iPad is the Ultimate

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That’s right, the Steelie Mount is the last iPhone or iPad holding and displaying gadget you will ever need to buy!

Picture the ease of a dashboard mount that securely holds up the iPhone for your viewing pleasure to prevent car crashes and give easy access to the infinite reaches of your iTunes, but without the bulky carrier, dashboard concealing, and the pain-in-the-ass extracting process.

This concise ball and socket design ingenuity beaut is small and works perfectly with Apple’s minimalism aesthetic.

How does it work and differ from all the rest?

The Steelie Mount uses a magnet – something electronics users have cringed about for decades because of magnetism’s negative effect on hard drives and moving electronics parts – but in the iPhone and iPads there is only flash memory (which is immune to magnetism).

Take any iPhone/iPad back or case (they’ll even put a hole in it for you) and attach it to the magnetic interface for a strong connection. The Steelie then attaches to its Hobnob for a swiveling apparatus that will hold any place you could desire.

The pieces look pretty cool, are built using heavy-duty metals, and thanks to an adhesive at the bottom of the stands can place a fully swiveling iPad holder anywhere in the car or home.

Place a Steelie on the desk and make a side monitor in the office to catch the Mets Thursday afternoon ball game while your coworkers drool in jealousy as you multitask.

Drive and pick out mixes and go over the directions with ease, as Steelie drives with you!

This Kickstarter project was more than fully funded, and the Steelie Kits will be hitting store shelves in the near future.

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