Stealth Switch

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stealth-switch.jpgHave you ever been sitting at your computer either looking at or doing something you shouldn’t only to hear footsteps coming up behind you? With the Stealth Switch you will never have to worry about stumbling and fumbling around trying to close applications and minimizing windows in an effort to not get busted ever again.

Stealth Switch instantly and completely hides applications with a simple press of the foot-switch which you cleverly place under your desktop. The beauty of the switch is that the running applications are not just minimized, they are made completely invisible. In addition, you are able to configure the software to leave specified applications open or have them opened if they are not already running them so everything appears as though it is on the up and up.

All you need to cover up your heathenistic temptations or your inability to keep from slacking off at work is a computer running Windows, an open USB port, and twenty five bucks.

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