Spring-Flex UB for Desktop Workout

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spring-flex-desktop-workout.jpgOne thing you can count on every January after the fatted parties of November and December are quite literally under your belt: a deluge of diet and weight loss gadgets and programs. And, every year, the products seem to get a little more… bizarre. Like the Spring-Flex UB, a spring-based (der) exerciser made to clamp onto any desk or table for a quick upper body workout. They’re selling it as a great upper body workout that’s “good for business” — insisting that you can do your exercises at work when you’re on phone calls, between meetings, or taking a coffee break — but we’re calling shenanigans. If you’re on the phone, the last thing the caller needs to hear is you grunting and puffing, or at least deserves your undivided attention for decent business; between meetings you’re probably actually working, which overrides the luxury of hooking your hands into an exerciser and blowing work off; and during a coffee break? Really? How are you meant to actually drink the coffee while exercising? Through a straw?

Still, if you’re worried about your upper body tone and can’t seem to find any time to work it out other than at work, the Spring-Flex UB is available from Gadget Universe for $79.95. Note: this product does NOTHING for the case of the spreading office ass, so don’t forget to get up and walk around every now and again.

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