spnKiX Wants You to be Fatter and Lazier

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With all of our newfangled 21st century technology, there is little casual physical activity left for humans to do. Christmas shopping from the comfort of our homes, robots that mow our lawn, sitting at a desk all day and calling it “work,” we no longer even have to leave the house to return our movie rentals. What little daily exercise we still get might come from a leisurely stroll or quick walk to grab lunch but, if Peter Treadway has his way, spnKiX will make the act of walking so 2011.

spnKiX are battery powered, remote controlled, motorized personal mobility skates that you can strap onto any pair of shoes. They are powered by lithium batteries (which take a couple of hours to charge), have a top speed of up to 10mph (depending on how fat you already are), and have a range of up to 3 miles.

The fob-like wireless remote has one simple variable speed control which powers both feet in unison. Just get on the gas to go and take your finger off to slow down.

Although the guy in the video makes it look easy, spnKiX do come with a set of removable training wheels and are recommended for ages 16+.

This Kickstarter project has met it’s relatively tiny goal of $25k with 39 days to spare and expects it’s first production run to arrive by the end of February. If you want a great deal, get in early, a pledge of $375 today will save you 42% off the $649 retail price.

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