Spider Catcher Review

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Forget all those nuts that tell you spiders are harmless and having them in your home is no big deal — thousands of spider bite victims would beg to disagree, along with millions of namby-pamby’s that are freaked out at the sight of an eight legger scurrying along a wall (self included). And by the time you run to the bathroom to wad up some toilet paper and squish the critter, he’s likely already found his hiding spot somewhere, just waiting for you to fall asleep and pounce (you’ve heard the one about the average person eating 4 spiders a year while sleeping, right?).

The fix? Meet the Spider Catcher, 65cm of chartreuse arachnid justice — on the business end, firm bristles that sweep up and trap the scampering rascals, controlled by a trigger on the other end for quick action. And it actually works! I kept it beside the couch for a couple of weeks, waiting in the weeds as it were, til I saw a big hairy spider running along my desk one night. Before he could do a victory lap around the living room, the spider was snatched up (without me having to get anywhere near it) and quickly escorted to a two story drop out the window.

As you’d guess, the Spider Catcher also works for other creepy crawlers and winged insects, so feel free to apply this one to the flies and moths sneaking in through your back door, too. It even comes with a practice plastic spider so you can hone your skills before tackling the real thing — like basic training for the insect war, really. The Spider Catcher is available on the product website for $19.95.

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