Sony’s Wireless Network Media Player Fills the Void


Netflix has become a standard in movie/TV renting, but what do you do if you can’t get the damn thing on your TV?

Welcome the Sony Wireless Network Media Player (SMPN100)!

Personally, I was in a pickle:  I had an X-Box 360 but did not have a Gold subscription to their Internet, which is the only way that those penny pinchers allow users access to Netflix; I have an LCD TV but one that was bought a few years back and does not have any Netflix built into it.

If I wanted to stream a Netflix movie, or show, I had to either watch it on my laptop, or play it in a cruder than High Definition contrast on the Wii (at 480p).  What does that mean?  Well Reservoir Dogs was not ear cutting in HD, and did not look nearly as nice.

My savior is the very affordable Sony SMPN100.  The TV box has features that rival Apple TV, and it is currently going for 80 bucks or less at Amazon.

This thing is tiny!  The box is smaller than a hard drive or a Wii, and it either plugs into a modem or accesses via Wi-Fi instantly.  The infinite reaches of YouTube, the addictive access of Netflix and the Steam Boy blasting Crackle are all built into the Sony device beautifully in High Definition (up to 1080p).

The Sony SMPN100 comes with an intuitive remote, a program that is based around the usable PS3 technology (there are so many media programs built in that I have not even played with them all yet) and also contains every connection imaginable; there is an HDMI, a composite, a component, an optical (fiber optic for audio) and USB to plug in keyboards, flash drives or anything else that strikes your fancy.  God, I love connections!

Plug in the Sony Network Media Player and watch as your TV becomes a web based fury of fun entertainment.

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2 Responses to “Sony’s Wireless Network Media Player Fills the Void”

  1. Marcula

    How stable is the NetFlix picture and are u using wire or Wi-Fi ?

    • R.J. Huneke

      The Netflix picture is very stable and in High-Def, though sometimes the Netflix feed takes a while to come up (which I suspect is do to the Netflix server’s busyness). I have the box plugged into a router via wire, as this allows the loading of the streaming goodness to go quickly and without error.


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