Shove That Green Solar Energy Up Your . . . Roads?


Solar Roadways is currently on Indiegogo touting a modest goal of powering entire countries, and reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, with their impact resistant solar panel road hexagons.


Pave every road on earth with these solar panels already!

Skepticism over functionality, the trendy hipster-lovin’ solar/green thing, and battery life should come to a crashing halt with Solar Roadways’s amazing . . . well . . . solar roadways.

So do they work?

Well, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration certainly seems to think so, as they agreed to fund two phases of research and development for the Solar Roadways’s hexagonal pieces of road.


What does that mean for home and business owners?

If your house or place of work is at any point connected to a parking lot or is off of a driveway, and chances are it is, you can harness power generated from the solar road.

And it will be hard to break these bad boys, as they are made to withstand 250,000 pounds of payload, and their heating elements will dissolve any snow or ice that attempts to stick to their surface.


The days of nearly totaling your vehicle while taking that dead man’s curve at sixty while trying to read the faded paint making up road lines are over too, as the Solar Roadways use LED’s to light your way.

Still need to be convinced that this is not just another hippy pipe dream turned scam turned fossil fuel bashing Al Gore the globe is warming shenanigans?

Electric vehicles will be able to power up from parking lots and driveways, or – through the miracle of mutual induction technology – while driving on the road itself.

Holy shit!

Let’s help this Indiegogo campaign strike up a million bucks already and transform our crumbling infrastructure/fossils of motorways!

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  1. Rawdog

    I’d be curious how slippery those solar tiles are under cold wet conditions. I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to ride my motorcycle across those on a rainy day.


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