Seven Unique iPhone Cases that are Sure to Stand Out in a Crowd

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I don’t typically take the time to write about new iPhone cases because, they rarely seem worth talking about and when the do, how much is there to really say about one new case?

When a dozen new designs flew by my radar this week, I tried to ignore them but, for whatever reason, you can thank this clever ice cream sandwich for my bundling of these seven unique, iPhone cases.

This custom made ice cream sandwich case is a lightweight molded plastic with an etched aluminum image backing that gives the case a pretty edible look. The case is designed to fit only the iPhone 4/4s models and is available at Etsy for $17.99.


Now you can protect your iPhone and, if you’re ever in a bind, your own life with Knucklecase. Each $99 case is machined from a solid block of aluminum and made in the USA.

If you’re a fan of oldschool Nintendo, you can’t help but smile at the realistic look of these original NES controller and Gameboy covers. For the newschoolers, I made sure to include you guys with the sleek Wii U armor. These super high gloss cases create a washable, extra grip-able, and a 3D eye popping surface for only $9.99

A perfect gift for any beer enthusiast at $19.99, this hard slim plastic cover protects your iPhone while displaying your undying love of hops. The snap on high gloss cover makes it impossible to fade, wear, smudge, or smear.

A little company named Grove is looking to save the world one little recycled skateboard at a time. The Skateback is a stylish iPhone 4/4s case made of 100% post-industrial skateboard material. The cases come in three different color combinations and because of the process, no two cases are exactly alike. For $49 you can save that planet and look good doing it.

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