Scarpar – Motorized Tank Track Board

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The Scarpar is a concept off road snow-surf-skate like motorized board. There is no terrain this hybrid beast can’t conquer from snow to pavement to dirt, nothing gets in its way.

We all know there is nothing cool about riding around bleeding profusely from every major extremity so, grab your helmet pads because the Scarpar is said to shred at speeds of 35 mph. They say nothing is set in stone yet but, after 5000 hours of engineering the makers of this juiced up board say you should be able to go about 20 miles between fill ups.

Keep an eye out for the Scarpar at your local ATV dealership “sometime in 2007.” What, you want a launch date set in stone? Come on, these guys are building a frickin tank tracked skateboard that could have a top speed of 50 mph when all is said and done.

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