Safe Car Charging With Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

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Do Dad a service this Father’s Day and get him a set of the Michelin Smart Jumper Cables for each member of the family so he can stop worrying about who will be stranded, who will electrocute themselves, and who will fry their car’s sophisticated computer (I know my Dad will be happy).

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This is the simplest of gadgets and is oh so useful!

Chances are your car does not have a gauge and so your dummy light goes on when your battery is already dead, leaving you stranded, or your car has a dial that you’ve ignored while your battery went quickly from three to six years old and became drained during a sub-zero degree winter morn just before work (or worse while trying to leave work at dusk).

Clunky jumper cables and heavy seventy-five pound jumper packs have evolved into the extremely portable and light Michelin Smart Jumper Cables set.

Why are these jumper cables noteworthy as a thing of beauty?

For one thing, forget the red and black positive and negative cable crossing with your car battery’s old corroded terminals; you will not get shocked or blow up your motor vehicle, because the Smart Cables only have blue cables that detect and automatically adjust to the positive and negative terminals internally for your convenience.

That has already dumbed down the process, but what is more is the surge protection that will prevent a surge from frying your car’s electronics or another poor soul’s car computer while you try to jump them and step on the gas a little too vigorously “to help.”

There is no sparking, no shorting. Polarity is automatically fixed, and the expensive cable packs are on sale at Pep Boys for $8 (from $30-$40 retail)!

Need I say, ‘VROOM, VROOM’?

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  1. Jeffrey Cornish

    Pep Boys has none in stock or anyway to order from their site and the retail store doesn’t even know what they are.
    Any other suggestions?


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