Roccbox Portable Stone Oven Makes 90 Second Pizzas At Home!

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The dream of stone-baked Neapolitan pizzas is no longer restrained to the New York brick ovens of yore, as the Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven makes 930 degree (F) flash flame cooked pizzas at home in 90 seconds!


The key term in the Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven is portable. You get to cook these pizzas like the Italian masters . . . anywhere.

We are talking in your home or apartment.

The geniuses at Roccbox are from the United Kingdom, so it is no wonder they wanted to get some of that amazing flash cooked pizza perfection in their own backyard, literally.


Choose wood fire for flavor variations, as different kiln and hardwood kindling will produce subtle tastes to tickle your palate. Or choose the gas fire option for the sheer convenience of getting to 930 degrees in fifteen minutes. Both attachments are included with the Roccbox.

But back to the age-old art, the wood fire cooking methodology, which was considered the most challenging part of creating Roccbox:

Their wood burner is an engineering masterpiece, designed to draw air, produce an intense flame that combines with a secondary combustion to make a mini jet flame-like power.

Three layers of stainless steel make for the sturdiness you need to hold up to the intensity, but the outer layer is perforated to prevent too much heat from building up where it is handled.

Simply start your fire and hook this bad boy up to the stone floor oven and watch the temperature rise before being able to blast out pizza after oh so tasty pizza.

The gas attachment attaches just as easily and includes a hose to hook up to a portable propane tank.

The Roccbox has a handle to carry it around, so it is lightweight, it is durable, it is safe, and its three legs can even fold in for easy storage.


The only downside to the Roccbox is it is limited to a personal pie sized width, which might serve one to two people with full bellies afterwards. But considering the ease of making 90 second pizzas once this bad boy is heated up, you can make as many salivating worthy crispy crust pizzas as you want to compensate.

For a mere $509 donation to their Indigogo campaign, you can have one of the last remaining Not So Early Bird Special pricing for this amazing device.

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