Robomow: Never Mow Your Lawn Again

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Home ownership, while wonderful, certainly comes with some drawbacks — like maintenance. While staining the deck on my old house one sweaty summer afternoon, I started thinking about all of the hands-on upkeep around a house that can suck the will to live right out of you: cleaning the gutters, painting/staining the exteriors, and, my least favorite ever, mowing the lawn.

Sure, you can hire the neighbor kid to wrangle the lawn for you, but when you’re throwing a $20 bill at him every week the expense of this outsourced luxury starts ticking up.

Which is what makes Robomow so great — sure, it’s a bit of an investment off the bat, but imagine this new residential utopia where you never again have to push a mower around for hours, wrestle with a bag of clippings, drip gas all over your shoes or waste a beautiful weekend afternoon trying to tame the wilds of your yard. Now you can leave all the grunt work to a robot; with a wire laid around the outer edges of your lawn, the robotic mower jumps to life with a press of the green “Go” button and travels the grass in a systematic criss-cross pattern covering the lawn several times from side to side to ensure that the entire yard is uniformly clipped.

The Robomow features a battery powered 3 blade cutting system with a triple-chamber mulching system, working twice as fast as a typical gas mower, that cuts grass into very small clippings that are buried into the roots of your lawn where they decompose and act like a natural fertilizer.

If you’re ready to pick up one of the higher end models with a charging station, you can even set a weekly program for the mower and, whether you’re home or not, the Robomow will diligently get to work at the appointed day and time then automatically return to the charging station when finished.

Robomow has been featured on a slew of programs with plenty of videos and interviews available on the Robomow online store website at Here’s a quick video that shows the Robomow zipping across the lawn — and only the lawn.

With four mower models available, you can choose which version is best for you — the site provides a chart with lawn size estimates to help determine which mower model fits your lawn — and prices from $999 to $1799 with free shipping. Granted, it’s a bit of a jump in price from your standard upright mower, but when you consider the longterm costs and quality time earned by sidestepping this annoying chore, you can see why it’s the best selling robotic lawnmower around.

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