Quote Alan’s Voice from The Hangover

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Hear the funniest Alan quips from the hit movie The Hangover with the “Alan Soundboard” App!

Can anyone relate to the “re-tard” calling suit fitting “close to [his] shaft” Alan and all of his senseless sensibilities?  If not, then it is highly suggested that you seek out the actual movie lines that emerge from Alan and this is easily done with the “Alan SB” App.

The one-man wolf pack is highlighted in the free program, since he is the go-to funny man, and the mobile App is in the most accessible of places:  the iTunes Store.

The bearded, purse wearing, crazy man Alan is all set to have a spin off of his own.  The proof is in the ridiculous and hilarious jargon that passes through his mouth and out of a mobile phone’s speakers.

Do you have two friends that need to hear the love during a roadtrip to romp and stampede across the United States?  Let them know that:  “We’re the three best friends that anybody could have…”

Now it’s true that Allan’s “not supposed to be within 200 feet of a school.”  But that is just part of the eighteen soundboard clips that the “Alan SB” App provides.

Anyone and everyone that laughed until strands of milk emerged from their nose while watching The Hangover will want this App.  iPods rejoice!

Despite the fact that appropriateness is lost on this application, there is a fun fact here:  this is not illegal, “It is frowned upon like masturbating on an airplane.”

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