Pulse Surface Controller System Lets You Create Sweet Music From Good Vibrations

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Though many of us are not particularly musically inclined, we still tap our feet and drum our fingers on the table.

Now, there’s a neat little gadget that can help you turn those vibrations into musical masterpieces of your own.

Meet the Pulse Surface Controller System, a MIDI-based controller that hooks into your computer and turns any surface into a musical instrument.

The device uses a combination of a piezo microphone and software to turn acoustic vibrations into digital notes.┬áThe concept was dreamt up to expand the physical tools which digital musicians could use create music. A drum machine or keyboard just doesn’t cut it any more.

The Pulse Controller aims make MIDI music creation more intuitive, immediate experience. With a suction cup and Velcro straps, it can be attached to just about any surface, and connects to your computer via the microphone input.

If the bundled software isn’t to your liking, you can always opt to use┬áCubase, Pro Tools, or any other software that accepts MIDI input.

Integration with something like Garage Band for iPad would be pretty cool, especially given the new features that allow up to four iPads to play music together over Wi-Fi.

The Pulse Controller is currently compatible with Mac running Mac OS 10.5 and above. It can be purchased from the Pulse Controller website for $64.

[via SlashGear]

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