PowerSki JetBoard: 40mph Surfboard no Wave Required

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The PowerSki Jetboard is a fast, lightweight, stand-up motorized surfboard that anyone can ride. Why? Because everyone knows standing on a regular surfboard in calm water is boring and you look stupid.


This steroid packed surfboard runs on a patented, single cylinder, two stroke 330cc electric start engine that pumps out 45 horsepower capable of propelling a rider 40 mph on flat water. And if you’ve ever ridden a typical jet ski, you know 40 mph can easily feel like 80 mph when you’re skimming just inches from the surface.

Unlike some of the new electric forms of personal transportation, you don’t need to be a little guy to enjoy this toy. The 185lb JetBoard is capable of putting 350lb big boys up on plane! Take that little electric skateboard with a max weight rating of 180lbs.

Some suit with deep pockets didn’t just slap an engine on a surfboard, Longtime surfer Bob Montgomery has been designing, riding, and perfecting this flat engine design since the late 1980’s.

You just watched that video and you’re thinking, those guys make it look easy, but the guys at JetBoard convincingly say anyone can do it, “We have a 100% success rate to date. We have had over 2000 people ride the PowerSki Jetboard; some overweight, out of shape, non-sportsman like. Everyone has been able to get up and ride.”

If you have deep pockets and love surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, or snowboarding the JetBoard is the next logical progression. You can pick one up for a cool $4,400 UNLESS you live in the U.S. – stupid EPA!

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