Pet Acoustics Makes Music for Fido

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We’ve heard that music can calm the savage beast, but this just seems kind of ridiculous. Pet Acoustics has come up with My Pet Speaker, a speaker system that’s specifically designed for our animal friends.

Now don’t get crazy. We don’t expect Bandit to belt out Black Sabbath or relax to the soothing sounds of Yanni. It’s actually designed for human counterparts. However, while you are cranking out the crap rock, the system tweaks the sound so it will be less sensitive on the ears of dogs, cats and horses — in case you have any of those curled up on your living room couch.

We get it. High and low frequencies that we don’t notice so well can scare pets from the living room. Our dog actually prefers the bed anyway, so what’s the problem?

Those that truly love the animal kingdom can also add the Pet Acoustics Application for the iPhone. It’s $1.99 at the App Store and includes multiple tracks composed for you and your pets. Hmm… suddenly, Yanni doesn’t seem so bad after all.

The speaker itself sounds kind of interesting. We like that it’s omnidirectional. That means the 4-inch driver can distribute audio to a 360-degree field. Other features include a 200Hz ~ 12KHz frequency response and the ability to hook to an iPod or any other device with a 3.5mm jack.

It seems that Sparky is a bit of an audio snob because these speakers are not cheap. My Pet Speaker is available now for $249.95 through the Pet Acoustics website. The company says that they will start taking orders through Amazon at some point this month.

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