Palm The Gift Of Video With The Tiny Polaroid Cube

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With the flourishing popularity of the professional action video camera, in the GoPro, Polaroid saw the need to reinvent itself and give the common man an inexpensive and easy to use option that videos and stands just 35mm high in the Polaroid Cube.


The Cube shoots wide-angle (124 degree) high definition video in 1080p for $99!

That’s right, pass this Cube around the party and let everyone chime in on just how GOOD that guacamole is and just AWFUL the person that made it is acting after a few tequila shots.

Despite the tiny size, there is ninety minutes of battery life and users can take pictures with just one button press or video with two thumb mashings.

The Polaroid Cube could not be simpler – one secret door gives you access to a memory card and the 720P or 1080P option!


Polaroid wants to become a household name all over again and by offering an intuitive, sexy, well . . . Cube . . . that is weatherproof and splash proof you can hand one to a toddler and not be terrified when they start filming EVERYTHING and/or throwing this cute guy across the living room carpet.

It is true that most of the human population now owns a smartphone with a 6 mega pixel or better camera in tow, with video functionality, but Polaroid is trying to appeal to everyone that likes having a casual video camera (or camera) around at family gatherings, high school bonfires, and anywhere else that you would not trust handing off your $800 iPhone 6 Plus.

When you think of their logic, and your precious, your own Lord of the Rings coveted phone, Polaroid makes a great point with its Cube.

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