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Remember CDs? Sure you do, they’re stacked in all of those storage flip-books you bought when you realized it’d take up less room than all of the jewel cases, but then mp3s and digital media devices came along — ever since then you’ve just been downloading music instead of hassling with the trouble of sorting through CDs. And to all of that I say “the shame!”. Honestly, you put a lot of hard work into assembling that beautiful CD collection, and now the poor catalogue sits around untouched until you realize the limited press 7″ from your favorite band isn’t available online, along with a lot of other great music you love.

Ok, so let’s try to take some of the trouble out of it. What if — instead of jamming each CD into your computer and individually converting all of the files — you could slide your CDs into a digital player that will perfectly copy your music into its 400GB storage bank and leave all of your old music available at the touch of a button without crowding up your laptop’s hard drive? Perfect, right? Right! So now you’re ready for OPUS Nº5, the world’s first digital player that delivers exceptionally accurate sound using a high-end TI DIR9001 Digital Audio Receiver and a separate temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. With its wide soundstage and excellent separation of instruments, the OPUS conveys the exact acoustical characteristics of the original recording, and the placement of the performers within it. The OPUS also features a wide range of high quality outputs to your stereo system which means it’s ready plug in to your existing surround sound without a lot of complicated connections. Its balanced outputs, XLR and AES/EBU made by Neutrik, ensure the best possible integrity of the signal beyond the OPUS’ outputs. Additionally, the OPUS feature 24kt gold-plated RCA outputs (analog & digital) and S/PDIF optical.

The price? It starts at $2,999 (you can upgrade for even more storage space, plus there’s an option available to have the company pre-load your favorite CDs for you so you’re ready to rock right out of the box) — but come on, with all of that money you already sank into building your CD collection for years and for perfectly lossless quality, this one’s absolutely worth it. Rediscover your music!

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