Office Hilarity: Abusive Stamps

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Taking passive aggression to new fabulous outcomes, here’s a great alternative to the searing-red standard office stamps tucked away in your boss/secretary’s desk. (Because seriously, if half of those documents stamped URGENT really ever were, you’d be getting paid a lot more to put up with an emergency-only work environment.) Tired of seeing red? Fire back with your own judgments.

Available in three biting phrases — “I haven’t got time to read this CRAP”, “This is F**KING URGENT”, and “Complete and Utter BULLSHIT” — it’s time to level your own assessment and let your boss know what you really think of that 6pm stack of reports that “have to get done by tomorrow morning’s meeting” (really? is that why you were sitting on top of them all week?!) No guarantee that you’ll still have a job the next day, but at $7.95 per stamp, at least it’s cheap enough that you won’t have to worry about cutting into your 401k right after getting handed the slip.

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