Nothing But Air Needed To Raise Standing/Sitting TableAir Desk

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The Star Trek Enterprise of office adjustable “standing and sitting” desks is here in the TableAir.


Push a button and hold your hand at the level you want the TableAir’s motors to seamlessly bring the desk to.

Hubah, hubah, hubah! This desk is sleek, sexy, and packing enough tech to do a moon launch.

And it takes little more than a hand in the air to operate, though smartphone programming for your own remote controlled adjustable desk comes with her too.

The TableAir is expensive as hell, but not too much more than a high quality desk, and for that you get the ultra easy and back easing motorized height that operates from two feet up to four and a half feet.

This little spaceship has a cool glowing center-bar, two USB, and two A/C ports for charging the gadgets, computers, phones, tablets, and R2-D2’s without all of the messy wiring everywhere.

How much does she cost? Well, it is British so $2,200 U.S. or €1,900 U.K.

This is going to take a while to save up for . . .

But how much is that back surgery you are trying to avoid, or how much is the easing of that lower lumbar pain (that’s run rampant) worth to you?

Car accidents happen, SLAM/BOOM/CRASH/OUCH, and sometimes there is no way to avoid injury, but the mechanized standing/sitting tables, like the TableAir, are out there to help.


Can you spend less on a nice looking motorized desk? Sure!

We recently reviewed a model called The Stand Desk (the first affordable motorized sit-to-stand workspace to hit the market and the best part is, it isn’t a big hulking ugly abomination), and it was on Kickstarter for $399-$549.

Aesthetic wise the TableAir is king; I mean it looks like the back of the USS Enterprise as it takes off into maximum warp.

The TableAir’s dimensions are W150cm x D75cm and scintillating hardwood tops (for wood lovers) can be added . . . for a price.

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