Mycestro: The Next Evolution of The Mouse

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The computer mouse has made leaps and bounds from the early days of the clunky paperweight on a foam pad and even further from the little red dot in the middle of the keyboard. However, the mouse still isn’t nearly as intuitive or ergonomic as it could be. Mycestro plans to change all that with the new 3D mouse that fits snugly on your index finger and allows you control computer functions with the simple gesture of your hands.


This simple idea is an evolutionary leap – perhaps not as far as being able to control our computers with the power of our minds – but a giant leap nonetheless. The Mycestro mouse began as an idea that came to mechanical engineer, Nick Mastandrea in a flash of genius when he witnessed a fellow traveler struggling to use a traditional mouse within the confines of an airplane cabin.

The stylish Mycestro comes in four colors, works by tracking hand gestures in 3D motion, and is activated by the click of your thumb. The gadget is also Bluetooth enabled for a number of different devices with a range of up to 30 feet.


As you can imagine, the mouse works in much the same way the Wii video game works.  Using only your hands to make basic mouse maneuvers is also vastly more instinctive than anything Apple has come up with thus far.

The Mycestro is currently on Kickstarter where it is knocking it out of the park with public funding, surpassing its $100,000 goal by $10,000 with less than 34 days to go. The mouse still has a lot of technological and production hurdles, but they plan on shipping out orders in the fall of 2013.

If you pledge $99 you will get a mouse in your choice of cyan, magenta, yellow or black and a decidedly boring commemorative t-shirt that says you were a backer of the Mycestro Kickstarter campaign.

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