MII Flashcam – Most Expensive Flashlight You’ll (N)ever Need

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I’m all for creative industries that endeavor to provide technologies to enrich our daily lives, but have got to admit that a $1500 swiss-army flashlight is a bit of a noodle scratcher for me, at least for domestic use. The MII Flashcam could certainly benefit law enforcement, but I’m hard-pressed to think of any other situation that demands a 4-digit glorified flashlight (maybe Ghost Hunters?).

Here’s the rundown: someone somewhere woke up one morning, rolled over to look at their MAG light sitting on the end table (who doesn’t keep one there, right?!), and thought “you know what this needs? A little bit of EVERYTHING. I’m going to throw in a camcorder, some night vision, water resistance and audio recording and THEN the world will know the perfect flashlight.” So with a dream (and I imagine a fair amount of duct tape), the MII Flashcam was born. And let’s be clear, it is a badass as flashlights go — the MII boasts a 85,000 Candlepower LED light with brightness control, night vision with 880 Nanometer Infrared Illumination for covert viewing, a hi-res Sony color video camera system with 1 GB of RAM and a little 1.5″ LCD monitor for viewing, plus another GB to store up to 60 minutes of audio, all of which can be easily downloaded to your computer for storage. So it’s a monster, a beast, a revolution in illumination — for $1500. Go get ’em, big spender (and if you do, drop an email to let us know how it all worked out/what on earth you wound up stalking in the dark).

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  1. Brian Kunkel

    I have a MII Flashcam and it works beautifully! The night applications work great and it has helped me in nearly every nighttime arrest I’ve had. Due to the fact that it works in infra-red mode, most times my subjects don’t even know I’m recording. It is a bit pricey but the money was well spent. Thanks, Brian


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