Marrs Cycles Brings Style to Electric Bikes


The Marrs M-1 electric bike proves once and for all that eco-friendly doesn’t have to be ugly.

Both stylish and green, this bespoke work of art packs a lithium battery that will power an average 175lb. rider 20mph across a range of 20 miles, and make sure they look good doing it.

What’s more, the frame, forks, and handlebars of this 1920’s Harley meets beach cruiser bike are all handcrafted at their Southern California design studio. And like their Milwaukee based, gas powered counterparts, the guys at Marrs take serious pride in American-made craftsmanship.

The flagship M-1 is 36” tall from ground to handlebars, weighs 140lbs, fully charges in 7 hours, and comes painted or with gorgeous wood paneling.

Additionally, the bike features a 48V lithium battery, brushless DC rear hub motor, hydraulic disc brake, air cooled battery box, 3-piece crank case, as well as motorcycle quality wheels, tires, hubs, controls, seat, and grips.

Needless to say, this level of design, quality parts, and labor doesn’t exactly come cheap. The starting price to ride around on built-to-order luxury is a hefty $7,500.

Although they only offer the M-1 at this time, Co-Founder Brad Fanshaw told Gadizmo “we have others in the works.” Looks like I’ll be putting my name on yet another newsletter list!

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3 Responses to “Marrs Cycles Brings Style to Electric Bikes”

  1. Sean Park

    Gorgeous lines. If we had more people like this designing green technology we would see much higher adoption rates and our planet would be much happier because of it. You want people to use your expensive green technology? Make it sexy!

  2. They should strip off the motor and battery pack and sell the bike itself as a stand alone product. I would peddle that thing around in style.


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