LovePalz: An Erotic Twist To Facetime That May Make You Never Want to Show Your Face Again

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LovePalz is finally here! Wait, what? Are you ready for possibly the strangest long distance sexual encounter you’ll ever have in your entire life? LovePalz is a truly bizarre new Taiwanese start-up that has developed the world’s first Internet enabled sex toy — for his and her pleasure.


Rejected from Kickstarter and the iTunes app store, the company has created their own website (which is a copywriters worst nightmare) and are trudging along anyways with a release date for the device coming later this month.

This new sex toy allows couples to interact with each other erotically and in real-time, from anywhere in the world via their smartphones, with the help of two oddly designed devices, which very closely resemble a typical vibrator and a fleshlight.

The devices also have names: “Zeus” for the men and “Hera” for the ladies. Think of LovePalz almost like an erotic Facetime that puts Skype sex to shame. Best of all (or worst of all – I can’t decide), the devices are specifically designed to react the movement of the individual user using motion sensor technology. Whatever you do with Zeus, Hera will feel, in present time – and vice-versa.


You can also share your different LovePalz, if you have more than one, on your social network. Yup, it’s like a virtual swingers party.

It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and it comes with an air pump motor and piston. The inventor said that the idea for the device and application came to him while he was the United Kingdom studying, because his girlfriend was back home in Taiwan and he wanted to find a way to ‘interact’ with her. Necessity is the mother of invention.


The company will be releasing LovePalz on March 29, 2013 and they already have over 1000 orders from Japan, which is their biggest market so far. You can visit the website and get your LovePalz today for only $189 for Zeus and the same for Hera.

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  1. We about to take phone sex to a whole new level. Make sure you have unlimited data!


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