Logitech’s new Washable Keyboard is Dunkable

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The guys at Logitech have finally stepped up their keyboard game from simply spill-resistant (holes) to full fledged waterproof.

Washable keyboards aren’t exactly anything new but, the Logitech K310 is more than just washable, it’s fully submersible.

With a diving range of only 11 inches, you can’t exactly take it to the bottom of a pool but, a quick dip in the sink makes cleaning up any kind of spill or mishap from a cup of coffee to a sticky sugary mess, a breeze.

The plug and play USB powered device requires a Windows operating system (XP or newer) with no sign of support for you Mac lovers. Officially a company spokesperson has said “it’s not optimized for Mac,” which typically translates loosely to “it will probably work but, we aren’t supporting it.”

I’m not sure Mac fans are exactly clamoring to replace their comfortable and stylish keyboards anyway but, as far as washable keyboards go the Logitech K310 is definitely slim and not half bad looking.

Hidden on the back of the black and white keypad you’ll find a handy on-board brush for dusting and a couple of flip-out legs to create that perfect ergonomic angle.

The K310 is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in August (Oct for Europe) and is already up on Amazon.com today for the suggested retail price of $39.

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  1. I cant wait until all this stuff is dishwasher safe. I bet we’re only a year or two away – book it!


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