LifeLogger, the Wearable Camera that Lets You Relive Memories as Accurately as Possible

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If Snapchat’s distinguishing feature is its transience, its disposable moments captured and shared for someone else’s brief viewing, the antithesis is the aptly named LifeLogger. Instead of transmitting these moments and then deleting them (most likely because they are too embarrassing to have an eternal record of), LifeLogger lets you and others linger over your past frolics and milestones.


The wearable camera, worn on a headband that extends across the back of your head, shoots 720p 30fps video, as well as 5-megapixel stills, and records up to eight hours of your day. You can live-stream your footage and stills via USB or over Wi-Fi to the web so “[y]our friends will have a front row seat to your life at the push of a button,” the website states. LifeLogger’s Kickstarter campaign started a week ago and ends July 1. The company hopes $150,000 is pledged by this time.

If the transitory nature of life depresses the hell out of you, rest assured because the website states, “The camera automatically uploads your videos, pictures and metadata whenever there is Wi-Fi around you, where it is stored and secured forever for your peace of mind.” Its cloud-based storage ensures a permanent archive, a library of memories which you could revisit anytime you want.


If you wonder how you’ll be able to navigate that overwhelming plethora of data and find a particular video, the Kickstarter description gives specifics on how to do so: “Our vision for LifeLogger Cloud is to give the user the ability to SEARCH and put order in their videos and metadata. If you can search the videos by Date, Geo Location, Faces spotted, voice recognized and OCR (Optical character recognition) then you can do miracles with your video memories!” Videos are presented on a simple but effective 3D timeline.

If you’ve always liked the idea of starring in your own reality show, this is the perfect gadget for you. Let’s only hope you have an audience that actually cares about your prosaic (or prurient) daily activities. Their Kickstarter description asserts that “viewers of your broadcast can see the FULL picture of where you are, what you are doing and what is happening around you.” With the camera’s 100-degree wide-angle lens, HD video and internal stabilizer, your audience will be guaranteed clear, non-shaky, and rather comprehensive footage.


There’s a built-in GPS and compass that uses Google Maps to show your exact location—so your audience can know the exact coordinates of where you are. These features are also useful if you want to familiarize yourself with a location so you can avoid getting lost the next time.

No more faulty, fuzzy memories—your past vacations, parties, and rites of passages, can be revisited with clarity. For those with more depraved and exhibitionistic proclivities, there is the potential of recording sexual encounters—if you don’t mind not taking everything off…

There are four buttons on the camera— to record video, snap a photo, turn Wi-Fi on or off, and turn Power on or off. It’s equipped with a preloaded 32GB memory card and has a rechargeable battery. A companion LifeLogger app takes care of uploads.

If you’re interested, a $169 pledge will have you strapped and ready for Christmas 2014.

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