Knut Monitor: A Smart Water Detector To Save Us All

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Innovation comes to us in the form of the Knut Monitor, a smart water detector set to save us all from the unavoidable floods of humidity, or rising water levels!


Why didn’t smoke and carbon monoxide detector companies think of this?

Safety comes in many forms, as do threats to our health.

If you are a book geek, like yours truly, then keeping the optimal level of 40-60% humidity for positive archival paper preservation is essential.

If you live on an island (also like yours truly) the air can become saturated with water making everything seem warmer than it is when the summer heat is on.

And this drenches the insides of books, guitars and other valuable wooden goods made from trees.


And then, of course, there are the old basement pipes that will never stop their drip-drop rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth.

The Knut Monitor may be a tough nut to crack, name-wise (ha!), but it is a cheap smart water detector that utilizes wi-fi and an included App to always keep the owner abreast of the humidity levels surrounding the smoke detector look-alike.

What this Knut Monitor lacks in design, as a palm-sized cross between a smoke detector and a white hockey puck, it more than makes up for in its safeguarding abilities.

The makers of the Knut Monitor on Indiegogo say that 37% of homeowners claim losses due to water damage.

My brother-in-law came back to his parent’s home after a particularly nasty storm and the worst had happened: the basement had flooded on and on, two plus feet of water.

The slowly but steadily rising waves rose high enough to make it onto the bottom shelves housing a legendary collection of rare Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z manga.

The damage wiped out many a Batman and a Superman book as well, with no Bane or kryptonite needed to slay those heroes. This was Injustice!

And it all would have been prevented, because the Knut Monitor smart water detector would have sounded alarms and alerted everyone with the App as soon as it smelled something like a flood was afoot. This Knut is invaluable.

Crack open the Knut once every two years to replace two AA batteries (rechargeable, this tree hugger hopes), which is a lot better than those ugly and expensive 9V batteries the carbon monoxide detectors still require. Or you can go battery-less with a micro-USB port to charge the Knut (it alerts users when down to 15% of juice and less).

Give me one for the $50 early bird special, please!

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