KitchenPad Timer App is ONLY 99 Cents on Thanksgiving Day

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The timely sale of the century ends today, on Thanksgiving, when you need it the most; welcome the multi-functioning cooking alarm/timer extraordinaire for the iPhone and iPad, the KitchenPad Timer App!

Set up to 9 timers at once (5 stove-top and 4 oven timers) on the best of the brightest touchscreens.

Do not attempt to deep-fry the twenty-seven pound turkey, heat up the most buttery of mashed potatoes to the perfect smoothness and scintillating texture, boil the brown sugar-lined carrots, queue up the caramelized yams, or (dare I say it) churn out the smelliest turnips this side of the Mississippi . . . without the assistance of the timing professionals over at the KitchenPad Timer App.

And you heard right, the 99-cent sale ends today, on the most bountiful of days (at least as far as tasty food and football is concerned). If this sounds like an overtly excited infomercial, that is because this bad-boy of an application really thrills me with its organizational possibilities!

I am talking about fifteen different alert sounds and the ability to custom create and save myriad timers for specific dishes so that you can set it once and forget it.

You can factor in how much time is left, the temperature or heat setting from low to high, and the oven timers allow for the geek chef specific nuance of having Fahrenheit, Celsius, and even gas as an option.

It is beautifully simple and deliciously accurate, so touch the screen and thumb up those intricate and amazing holiday dishes for less than a buck!

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