Keep your Kindle Solar Powered and Safe (or Just Buy Another One for the Same Price)

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SolarFocus, makers of flexible solar chargers for mobile devices of all types, will be debuting the first solar powered Kindle cover at CES this week.

The SolarKindle cover takes the already paperless green nature of the Kindle to the next level by providing up to 3 months of unplugged use with just a “normal sunlight environment.”

Charging times do vary depending on the weather but, the guys at SolarFocus say one hour of charge time in direct sunlight can provide almost three days of reading time.

After charging the on-board e-reader, the SolarKindle automatically switches over to charge a built-in 1500 mA battery used to power the swing out LED reading light and provide extra power for the Kindle.

At $79, it does seem strange to spend as much money protecting an item as the item is worth itself but, with other leather lighted Kindle covers coming in at around $50, the extra $29 seems like a small price to pay for infinite uptime and one less cord dependency.

Whether you need a cover for that new Christmas Kindle or want an upgrade to show up your eco-conscious-know-it-all-book-loving friends, the SolarKindle will be in stores later next week.

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