Just Mobile ® Gum – For Charging, Not Chewing

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Imagine NOT running out of juice the next time you’re on a call, listening to your iPod on the train, or about to hit the final level on your PSP. Nice, right? For $39.99, here’s the solution — the Just Mobile Gum pack, a portable universal USB power pack to re-charge all of your portable devices for extra hours of electronic service. With 2200mAh of juice tucked away, the charger can re-up your cell phone to full capacity — twice. Small enough at 70mm long to tuck away in your laptop bag, the case comes with LED indicators to let you know how much power you have left, and when it’s time to recharge the Li-ion batter pack. As long as your device has a USB type A port, this charger can be used on any electronic device.

Not sure why they’re calling it Gum, but whatever, the product’s still helpful.

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