I Stukk the Landing with this Portable & Affordable Laptop Stand

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Travel anywhere with the Stukk lightweight computer stand that easily raises the screen to your eyes.

Oddly enough, I was looking for one of these a few weeks ago as another migraine set in; I had been rocking my MacBook Pro for some 8-12 hours a day on my office desk and my head was becoming perpendicular to my neck and back. I spotted a friend’s office MacBook on a stand and realized I could easily implement a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, but I had to raise the screen to eye-level.

BAM! A hundred plus Apple dollars and a stack of books later and my Pro was picked up on my desk to my eyes, my hands were free to pound on the keys below. This is where the problem sets in: how does one prop up their laptop without fifty pounds of wide hardcover books when they are on the road and still trying to compute away?

Meet the Stukk computer stand that is composed of three sturdy PVC pieces that will prop up any laptop safely and sturdily and in a few different viewing levels.

The idea was simple for the Stukk innovators: Make computer stands that are ultra portable, practical, heavy-duty and, in the words of designer Francesco Bordin at Stukk Design, that are not “hideous and colossal burdens at highway robbery prices.”

Two raised ends ensure the angled computer won’t slip away, this bad boy is only twenty Euros (on preorder) and the disassembled Stukk pieces (done in seconds, folks) come apart to fit easily and lightly into any packing outfit (just in case your fiancé has already taken up 90% of all of the suitcase capacity on that vacation, friends).

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