HoMedics Stirs Up Bob Marley Line

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Could you be loved? Or at least love Bob Marley-branded electronics?

We are used to seeing the Rastaman’s face emblazoned on T-shirts, college walls and weed paraphernalia worldwide. Now, Marley will soon grace a line of consumer products made by HoMedics.

The venture is a HoMedics/Marley family joint (no pun intended) titled The House of Marley. The initial products will include boomboxes, docking stations, ear buds and headphones, with the intent to develop other categories in the future.

The House of Marley’s motto is about developing products that feature the Marley family values — as well as developing a controlled brand for the reggae legend. They are planning to feature eco-friendly products, using woods, bamboo, recycled materials, and even less-waste packaging. We can’t wait for the Bob Marley bamboo boombox.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Marley & Co.,” says Alon Kaufman, CEO of HoMedics. “We translated family values into the design DNA of our products, focusing on details that portray unity, peace and equality.”

The company says that it will also set up “an affinity program,” which will involve charities around the world that deal with “youth, planet and peace.” Jeez, couldn’t they spread it out a bit? For now, how that will work and with what charities still seems a bit up in the air.

HoMedics is pretty well known for making products that massage, lull, sooth and loofah. If you’ve ever used a white noise machine with sounds of the rainforest and birds chirping, most likely, it had the HoMedics stamp on it.

Expect HoMedics to start selling its first House of Marley products in October 2010.

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