Here’s My Autograph: Smart Camera that Takes Pictures For You

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With a recent study claiming that snapping pictures ruin our ability to remember those precious moments we wanted to capture, the Autographer by Photojojo may provide just what we need to preserve our experiences.


A hands-free “life logging smart cam,” the Autographer is a wearable camera that contains 6 sensors including GPS, a compass, accelerometer, thermometer, color sensor and infrared motion detector. It uses an algorithm to shoot pictures automatically and grabs 50-200 photos an hour  through a custom 136° wide angle glass lens. As if it has a life of its own, according to the product website, it just “knows” when to take photos.

How many of us take minutes, even longer, just to pick a right filter when we’re instagramming? With the Autographer, you don’t need to stop and freeze a moment but you can go about your day not having to worry about time-consuming decisions. The purpose of the camera is to actually be able to experience moments instead of constantly interrupting them to fiddle with a camera, concerning oneself with composition, lighting, and other subjective choices.

It’s a pretty bold approach to photography, less about artistry and more about utility. The Autographer may come in handy for those who suck at directions and need photographs to look at later on for landmarks and street signs to avoid getting lost the next time. It makes the wearer less an artist and more of a documenter.


Does it capture moments that are more “real?” Passersby may not know what that small gadget clipped to someone’s jacket pocket is and therefore, it may not interfere with their normal, everyday actions. Through the photographs, the world will look less posed and more spontaneous.

It stores 8GB of photos (27,000 shots), with its battery lasting 10 hours on a full charge. You can upload those photos through Bluetooth to iPhone but for Android users, you can upload your photos onto your computer with a USB cable. There’s even an Autographer app that allows you to make stop motion videos to rapidly share on social media.

It’ll set you back $299 although for USA residents, it qualifies for free shipping.

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