Hands On Review: the Striking Sound of Polk’s Striker ZX

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Xbox One gamers, the Striker ZX full immersion gaming headset has broken onto the scene with the terrific sound you come to expect from the legendary audio gurus at Polk.


It might be in the home, it might be in the office building with the doors closed, but either way you are uncovering the secret cabinet drawer and booting up an Xbox One to play a multi-player F.P.S. and go ballistic on your friends and colleagues.

There is only one problem: you need to yell taunts (or obscenities) at your buddies, and you want to hear the gameplay without alerting the sleeping toddler or office manager in the next room.

Well plug these headphones into your wireless controller and go as loud as you want, with instant muting capability for when you think the wife is coming down the hall to ambush your mission.


The Polk Striker ZX fits snugly on the ears and can go LOUD!

These headphones feel comfortable on the ears, with large ear cups and cut out a good amount of outside peripheral noise.

They also pivot to be very flexible while moving your head or taking them off.


The Polk Striker’s crystal clear sound resonates the high and low ranges alike, with striking (pun me another one, will you) sound that BOOMS explosions from Call of Duty, while sending sharp, high laser noises from Master Chief in an equally impressive fashion.

This light, yet sturdy, set of headphones are designed with a Polk engineered wireless adapter for the Xbox One that doubles as a remote to give you volume and mute capabilities from the base of the Microsoft controller.


And I will repeat, the sound quality is outstanding.


The Polk Striker ZX is selling for just shy of ninety dollars American, and you can use these as regular headphones if you like, as the cord is forty inches long and standard headphone size.

I even tested an audiobook and was rocking!

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